Monday, October 25, 2010

What About All These Peppers

So many peppers, what to do? How can one eat all these Caribbean hots and Habeneros, and Hungarian hots?

I chopped up 6 or 7 of the sweet bells which have been turning yellow in the bowl. I added one habenero and two caribbean hots. My left hand, the holding hand, is still burning. I sauteed these with some xvoo and then added other veggies on hand. Over brown rice with chicken -all for the coming days' lunches.

But still have more peppers to use.


  1. Could you char, peel and cut some into strips and keep in olive oil with some chile? Probably in the fridge...

    I found a red pepper blocking our roof drain the other day. Red. When it rolled down into the gutter it was green. Should have put all my greens into the sun for two weeks!

    I stuffed them with: ground beef sauteed with fine onion, garlic, pinch of allspice, and cinnamon, tomato paste, stock, some raisins, a little uncooked rice. Then baked them for about an hour on a bed of thinly sliced onion kept moist with olive oil and water, till caramelly.

  2. Gutter peppers? We charred and froze the cubanelles, two huge bags worth.
    Peppers do respond to heat for ripening. I stopped mine by putting them in the fridge. Where they may get forgotten:(

    Ellen, I just asked my wife Betsy if she knows how to make hot pepper jelly. She said I'm gonna need some pectin. Can someone turn on the lights?