Monday, April 27, 2015

Painting Weir

This little painting will be included in the Weir Farm National Historic Site 25th anniversary exhibition. The show, I think, includes only past artists-in-residence, although certainly not all one hundred and fifty of them!

An artist friend of mine recently suggested I always lean toward beauty. Now beauty is a complex subject, particularly for artists, but I will say I was leaning toward my kind of beautiful in this work, a collapsing of distance and intimacy, the mood suggested by the light. Artists tend to be suspicious of the concept of beauty. In a nutshell, because it suggests convention, formal entrapment, taken farther -even patriarchy. If you've ever wondered why much heralded contemporary art is so often visually, um, vomitous, it is often because the artist wants to escape the beauty trap. Of course, I work within the landscape form, have always dealt with hard line reactions to it, and find navigating convention and discovery quite challenging.

If you happen to be in the Wilton or Ridgefield, Connecticut area after May first, consider dropping by to see the exhibit. The studio and house of J.A. Weir will be open as well as the grounds and walking trails. Visit the Weir Farm NHS site for more info (although nothing there about the exhibit).


  1. Wow! Your kind of beautiful ("a collapsing of distance and intimacy, the mood suggested by the light") is my kind of beautiful. It certainly does not suggest "convention, formal entrapment" or "patriarchy." Please continue "navigating convention and discovery" in your particular way. I hope you come to the Northwest and paint here someday. Looking forward to spending more time studying and savoring the "Paintings" section of your blog, Leslie in Oregon

  2. Congratulations! it's a lovely painting. Don't know anything really about "art", but i like it. That really seems like what matters.

  3. Thank you. I don't update my painting site very often, but that doesn't mean there aren't works in the works!