Thursday, July 16, 2015

Woodpecker Pie

Like most kids of my generation, my first involvement with any woodpecker, let alone a Pileated, was through Woody Woodpecker cartoons. It took moving here to recognize that the jungle call I had heard during every summer visit was coming from this bird. Although about to leave and running late, the rare close-to-the-ground sighting required a quick photo.

Inside this woodpecker stump (or some other such name for the bottom twelve feet of a felled Red Oak left behind for wildlife) an agglomeration of carpenter ants. This tasty cache left the bird so focused that I was able to get close enough for a shot without any zoom -a rare moment, indeed.


  1. Well done! My mother tried unsuccessfully to get that shot for decades! Male pileated woodpeckers come by and peck on our metal chimney frequently during mating season each spring, but otherwise we don't see them outside the nearby forest.

    1. They've always fled as I approached with a camera. Must be shy.