Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Bench In Winter

Have you seated yourself on a bench shaped this way? Probably not for long as they're terribly uncomfortable. I came to the Como Park Conservatory to escape the cold and do some planning and writing, but instead I'm thinking about this bench. The way it is designed requires us to lean forward to be comfortable, our rears are cradled by the curvature. Leaning back as the rear is cradled our spine arches sharply and uncomfortably.  Here, then, the benches are mostly for looks or to keep us moving, not at all for winter's thinking and writing in a a blessedly warm and humid environment.


  1. Might as well be a church pew - as far as comfort is concerned. I have the same problem with many Aderondack (sp?) chairs. We need a gardener to design good, comfortable, sit-a-while garden benches ... someone like you!

    Lovely photo, tho.

    1. Thanks Webb. One day, maybe I'll get to that!