Sunday, August 27, 2017

It's Not All Bad

 I mean, look at that Bok Choy, only 3 weeks old from seed.

 More cukes from four plants than we can handle.

 Herbs, herbs, herbs.

And the savanna prairie is coming together -all this from seed scattered in the icy depth of winter.


  1. So, who really cares about tomatoes anyway? The rest looks great. (I pulled my tomatoes this morning. They were finally too far gone to keep taking up the space.)

  2. Maybe we should have tomatoes biennially? Our cool wet august simply done them in, but it's been great for the leafy stuff and I forgot to mention my jalapeño look best ever and strangely my potatoes, neighbors to the tomatoes don't look any different from any august.

  3. Beautiful and inspiring! Thank you, Leslie in Northwest Oregon (where the long hot and dry summer has cooked and parched almost everything, despite our watering efforts)


    1. Sorry to hear about your drought. When someone gets well watered, someone else often pays for it. For us, its the Dakotas who are dry.