Friday, May 29, 2015

Open Season Fungus

These morels were brought to us by our hunter. He foraged them from our woods after a couple hours of chainsaw work clearing old timber fall on the trails. We dried them for future cooking.

Now that it is raining, mushroom season opens in earnest. Oysters and jelly fungus are appearing, and soon enough there'll be chickens on oak timbers.

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  1. Oysters, jelly fungus, chickens? Intriguing names...

    For 35 years, my father was physician and adviser to, and a great friend of, a large immigrant family that hunted for and picked mushrooms somewhere in the forests surrounding Mt. Hood (in the Cascade Range) every year. Although my father was privy to virtually everything else of importance in their lives, it was only when he married into the family in year 36 that they disclosed to him where their mushroom-hunting grounds were. That was their most closely-held secret.

    Enjoy your fungi, Leslie in Oregon