Saturday, February 18, 2017

Spring Ahead

February thaw is in play. We will be 30-40 degrees above the average temperatures today. I read the arctic is as well. Our ice is becoming water. Our solid ground is becoming mud. Meanwhile, I've ordered and received a plethora of native seeds from PrairieMoon that will be cold stratified and then planted in cell trays this April. Native plants require a use of the mind not at all like domesticated species. Each has very specific challenges to successful germination and growth. My success with six varieties of milkweed last year has given me the confidence to try a range of species.

We are almost done with the barn studio and quite a building feat for me. My primary use will be as a wood shop in the main space and north side storage shed for potatoes and garlic. I have started a business limited liability company under the name Artist & Builder. I will be building yard and garden structures such as custom planter boxes, raised planter boxes for institutions that serve handicapped, elderly, or children, small bridges, the basic arbors, pergolas, and furniture for the garden. I may do planting, I may not. When I have my website up and running, I will link to it here.

I bartered with my sheep farming neighbor to continue growing garlic in his field. Despite the insane warm up, the garlic is likely to remain under the soil through the week. I will offer some for sale late this summer at Hudson Clove.

Spring is advancing early, as you can see in the Phenology Network maps. There is a danger that trees will bud or leaf out and then be hit be a hard freeze. Here in Minnesota, the hard freeze can happen anytime into May.

Meanwhile, I am continuing my art practice with photography and have several exhibits up or coming this year. You can see my regular postings on my Instagram account with a caveat that the photos are of limited quality on such a site. I do make Epson Ultrachrome prints on archival matte paper for sale, so feel comfortable inquiring through my art website. I've also been making more digital movies (hard to say films when no film is involved) of the land around me. You can see those on my Vimeo channel or Youtube channel. You can subscribe to any to get updates.

Finally, I have been busy with many things and have taken to blogging quite a bit less. I hope this changes, but that remains to be seen. With over 2000 posts over 8 years, there is plenty to read here about my landscape, garden, farm, and other adventures. Stay tuned: as the business gets up and running, there will be more to say, and of course, spring is around the corner.