Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Return of the Cosmos


  1. I've been hoping to see photographs of this Harvest Moon eclipse from your vantage point in Minnesota. It was a beautiful evening in Brooklyn, and I viewed it from a grassy hill at Fort Greene Park with a throng of utterly silent humans (including my son and his partner) and intermittently-howling canines. It was entirely awesome. Leslie (usually) in Oregon

    1. From all the complaints, I thought it was raining or cloudy in NY during the red moon.

    2. The rain/wind storm was during the weekend after the red moon, i.e., last weekend.. I experienced its fury last Friday, when the storm blew apart three of my umbrellas. During the red moon, a few thin clouds passed in front of the red moon but did not obscure it for more than a minute. Leslie, now back in Oregon